Let’s get you a job.

Law school is hard. You’ve got to read thousands of pages of heavy casebooks, be prepared for that ever-elusive cold call, and study countless hours for a single exam. And that’s just to get the grade: The job search is equally difficult. Your first job out of law school matters, can set the trajectory of your career, and therefore needs to be the best it can be. But getting one is hard: on campus interviews are daunting, and there are thousands of firms out thereā€”so many that you normally need to choose between applying to all of them and maintaining your law school GPA.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Instead, you can cut through the job search and quickly apply to thousands of law firms across the country. Once your resume is in front of these firms, your chance of getting the job goes up significantly.

That’s where MassMailWizard comes in. We’ve boiled this process down to a science with a central thesis:

Someone has to see your resume before they can hire you.

And we know the above process because it’s what we needed to use to get our first jobs out of law school. These pages help you figure out that process. What do we have to offer?

How To

We’ve written down all the wisdom we’ve learned about mass mailing throughout the pages of this site. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve written, we suggest reading through our Mass Mailing posts on our blog.

Our Lists

We take things another step: We’ve curated lists of thousands of law firms across the country that you can use to mass mail firms across the country today. You could download our lists in the next thirty minutes and have your resume in front of 1,000 law firms by tomorrow morning.