Our Story

We're committed to helping you get the job of your dreams. And we know the process.

We're all lawyers. We attended some of the top law schools in America, and we all went through the job search process. But it wasn't easy.

See, we weren't top students. In fact, we were right at the median, which makes it a little harder to get a job at top firms. These firms focus on grades above all else.

So we had to get scrappy. After blowing through our on-campus interview process (and striking out completely), we began to think of different ways to find jobs. We knew that we'd have to apply broadly to get a chance at a job.

This process was tough. But we learned a lot while going through it. And the best news—it worked! We locked down great jobs.

The problem is that in order to learn all this, we needed to blow a lot of opportunities. We don't want the same to happen to you.

That's where MassMailWizard comes from. We've developed this site—a collection of all that we learned, and all that we wish we had—in order to make sure others don't need to waste the same opportunities we did.

So learn from our mistakes, and get started with MassMailWizard today!

...well, not quite yet. We're putting the finishing touches on our job search platform. When it's ready, it'll be the place to quickly send applications to top law firms across the country.

We plan to have the site online by the time you're finishing your finals.