About Us

Law school is hard. When you start out as a 1L, you’re entering a world that you probably don’t know that much about. You’re don’t know what a tort is, you don’t know the elements of contract formation, and you don’t know what half of the Latin words that lawyers love mean.

And that’s just in the classroom. The legal profession, especially at its upper echelons, moves fast. Top law firms fill their new associate jobs early. In fact, where you work your 2L summer is very likely where you’ll start your career. That choice has all sorts of long-running ramifications.

So you’ll want to make the right decision on where to start. If you want a big law job, then you’re going to want to secure a summer associate position at a big law firm. This will almost definitely lead to an offer, which will then set you off on the right foot.

This process is easy for someone with top grades from a top school: if you’re in the Top 10% of your class at Duke, you probably don’t need this site.

But for the rest of us, getting a job at a top law firm is still doable. You might just need to be a little more proactive than Ms. Top Ten.

That’s where MassMailWizard comes in. We know how to get a top legal job because we’ve been there. We all went to good schools, got good (but not great) grades, but struggled to find jobs through our schools’ on-campus interview process. We had to find another way. And we did! We all started our careers at top firms in major cities across the country.

Now we’ve taken everything that we learned, and are ready to pass it on to you.