Where can I find law firms to mass mail?

This is another post in our ongoing series about mass mailing. Today, we’ll be discussing where on the internet you can find firms to mass mail.

Part of the process of mass mailing is finding the law firms that you will email. This was the hardest part of my process: it took hours to track down the 2,142 law firms that I emailed. This number isn’t fake – I just looked at my spreadsheet to see how many firms I reached out to. Needless to say, I got a lot of rejections.

So how did I go about finding all these firms?

There are a couple of different sources on the internet that I used. I’ve also outlined what other sources you could go to in order to find even more firms. Not all of these have been tested by me, but I’ll make it clear which ones I haven’t used.

NALP Directory

The National Association of Legal Professionals (NALP) keeps a database of legal employers who decide to list their firms in the database. This is far from a complete list, but most of the major law firms in America are a part of NALP. You can find the directory here.

NALP is awesome because they list the exact person to contact, and it’s normally up to date. It also has amazing information about each firm, including offer rate and summer pay. If you’re looking for a summer job, this information is key because you want a summer offer that will convert to a full time job at the end of summer.

Here’s what the NALP Directory looks like:

Once you’re in the directory, you can search using their (pretty powerful) search engine. Type in the city or state that you want to work in, and then just search. You’ll see a listing of firms:

that you can then click on. When you click on a firm, you’ll see all of their information that they’ve submitted to NALP. The important information will be on the right, including the contact name and email address.


Martindale is pretty much a Google for law firms. Once you’ve gone through all of NALP for your city, I’d recommend coming to Martindale next. Martindale is better than NALP because it has more law firms (by a large factor), but it’s worse because it is not designed for hiring. It’s designed for people who want to find attorneys, not jobs. Therefore, you’ll need to do a little more research for each firm.

What you’ll want to do here is, again, search for the city you’re interested in.

See? A LOT more law firms here. You’ll be able to filter to the locations you want (e.g., New York, NY, which takes you down to 9,800 firms), and by the size of the law firm. You’ll then need to click through to the firm’s website in order to find contact information. If there is no specific contact information for a recruiting partner or contact, I recommend using a generic email address. Most firms are pretty good about checking these generic emails because they get clients through them. It should at least get you a response.

The AmLaw 200

These are the largest 200 firms in America by revenue. Some of these are in NALP, but some of them are not. You’ll want to check out The American Lawyer and find their list, then cross reference it. If you checked Martindale first, then every firm in the AmLaw 200 may be on your list. One perk here is that most of these firms will have specific people working on recruitment.

Other Listings

Much like the AmLaw 200, you can find other firm names by going through rankings of law firms. I like to look at the NLJ 500 (which has a lot of larger medium sized firms) or the Vault 100 (which you may have already looked at, but it is still helpful). I would give little credence to the “prestige” rankings here, but listings can be good ways to find more law firms.

School Resources

Go to your career services office. Ask them if they know of any law firms in the city or state you’re looking for. If they do, it’s more than likely that the office has a listing of firms. If you’re really lucky, they also have a list of their contact information that you can just plug into your mass mailing spreadsheet.

My school had databases for a bunch of different states, but no contact information. I chose to make my own, but later supplemented it with a listing from my school’s resources.

These resources may also be helpful because the contact information may be for your school’s alumni. Alumni like helping out graduates of their alma mater, so if you have the chance to apply to a former NYU student instead of a random partner, that may help you out.

These are just some of the many resources out there to find firms. I’ll be updating this post as time goes on and as we find more ways to find new law firms to mass mail. Be sure to check back for additional firms in the future.

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