The Body of your Mass Mailing

The body of your mass mailing is the first thing that someone will see when they open your email. The body of the email that you send out is therefore an important thing to consider when you’re creating your mass mailing strategy.

There are two possible bodies that you can use:

  • A generic, “please consider my application” body, and
  • Your cover letter.

We highly recommend using your cover letter as the body of your mass mailing. This post will walk you through your two options and why we think using your cover letter is better.

The Generic Body

A generic body will look something like this:

Dear Recruiting Coordinator:

My name is Joe Smith and I am a rising 2L at the University of Iowa Law School. I would like to be considered for a position at your firm. Please find attached a cover letter, resume, and a transcript. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Great! This is easy to write, and easy to merge information into. However, it’s weak. It doesn’t say anything about you, and it doesn’t get the recruiter excited about the potential of you working at their firm.

The Cover Letter Body

What if instead you used a cover letter as the body of your email? It would have all the same information as above, plus some more information to make you a little more interesting to the firm you’re trying to work at. By using your cover letter as your email body, you put the important information right in front of the interviewer. Instead of having to open an additional file to get an introduction to your goals and qualifications, the interviewer can immediately see who you are.

Additionally, if you use a generic body, you’ll end up repeating yourself. In both, you’ll want to say when you’re interested in starting work, what position you’re applying for, and where you go to school. By having to enter this information twice, you risk introducing more errors into the equation.

Finally, remember what a cover letter is for: it’s a cover for your application, meant to guide the recruiter through your supporting documents. If that’s the case, why not make it easy on them and put the cover letter there as the cover of your email?


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