How MassMailWizard Works

Four simple steps to the job of your dreams. We've designed our system to be dead easy so that you can focus on what matters ‐ getting the law firm job you're dreaming of.

Step 1: Design your cover letter.

Create your cover letter with our online editor. You can include dynamic fields - such as the firm's name or contact person - in order to customize each cover letter for each firm you apply to.

Step 2: Upload Files

Attach your resume and your transcript, along with any other documents you want to include with your application. We include these as attachments when we send your mailings.

Step 3: Select Firms

Pick the firms you want to contact from our database of thousands of law firms across the country. Search by firm, city, or state to find all the firms you'd like to work at.

Step 4: Get the Job!

We'll take care to send out every mailing you ask us to mail out. Within days, you should start receiving communication from law firms! After that, the ball is in your court.