MassMailWizard makes it quick and easy to send an application to thousands of top law firms across the country.

With a couple clicks of your mouse, you can apply to thousands of the top law firms in America. Simply write up a cover letter, upload any attachments you'd like to include, and select the firms you'd like to apply to. Our system composes an email to the right person at the firm, and sends it to them so you can get a response - and an interview.

Why use MassMailWizard?

Write one cover letter. Use it 1,000 times.

Most cover letters end up being only slightly tweaked for different law firms. Write one cover letter, and our system will automatically plug in essential informaiton such as firm names, creating a custom cover letter for each firm. We send that to each firm on your behalf.

We found the firms so you don't have to.

Every city has hundreds or thousands of law firms. We curate a database of top law firms with key contact information so that you don't need to do the research. Simply click on a firm to mail it.

Time is precious. We save yours.

The job hunt is all about getting your resume in front of as many firms as possible. Instead of spending hours researching and writing cover letters, MassMailWizard lets you apply to top firms all over the country in minutes so you can move on to what's more important.

Best of all, our service pays for itself.

All the firms in our database pay for summer associate positions. Some of them pay over $3500 a week. Regardless, you'll make back what you spent on MassMailWizard during your first day on the job.

Does it work?

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As a first generation law student who doesn't have relatives in a white collar profession, attends regional, non-T14 school, and is not in the top 10% of the class, I started to panic after my 1st year. MassMailWizard helped me get a firm job (PAID) and ann offer to come back.

Josh S., job at a Vault 50 firm

This method got me a job.

Olivia K., job at a midsize regional firm

I recommend every rising 2L start mass mailing ASAP. MassMailWizard make that easy.

Thomas V., job at a Vault 100 firm

This is a must have for all law students.

Laurel P., job at a midzied New York firm

This site saved me so much time in my job hunt.

Victora S., job at a Washington, DC firm

I failed at OCI. Without MassMailWizard I'd have been unemployed.

Ngo C., got a job at a biglaw firm.

Thanks for helping me find a job!

Kenneth P., got a New York biglaw job.

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