About MassMailWizard

Our founding & our mission.

Welcome to MassMailWizard! Our site was created with one goal in mind: getting you the job you deserve.

Our Story

Our story begins with desparation. We were founded by a group of law students (now graduates) who had trouble finding a job during their 2L summer. Finding a job is supposed to be easy - Career Services tells you that you can get one basically by showing up to On Campus Interviews and by droning through interviews. While that may work for students with a 4.0 from Columbia, it doesn't work for everyone.

Our founder were some of those people this system didn't reward. They found themselves at the end of OCI with no job and no callbacks.

However, a 3L friend told them about another way to apply to firms - that some firms hired based off of cold resumes sent to them. One of the jobless 2Ls used a program in Mozilla Thunderbird to mail hundreds of law firms off of an Excel spreadsheet, and next thing he knew he had a phone screener, a callback, and an offer! He helped the other friends mass mail the same list of firms, and about a month later, all three of the rest had jobs.

The system worked, and the 3L was right.

However, the system they were using was, to be frank, shit. It was an Excel spreadsheet and a Mozilla Thunderbird add-on that hadn't been updated in two years. Trying to mail more than 100 firms at a time was fruitless, as the program crashed. And try as they might, it was nearly impossible to help other jobless students.

That's when the crew decided to create MassMailWizard - a way to take that same idea and process, but create a better version of it with new technology. To make an easy-to-use interface that would help students find jobs the same way they did. And to keep a constantly updated list of firms across the country that students can apply to.

That's how we came to be. We hope you'll join us for the rest of this journey.

Our Mission

Our one goal is to get you a job. That's what we work for every day. We hope you find success using our system.