Why Use MassMailWizard?

Whether you're the top of your class, or you're looking for some extra help with your job hunt, MassMailWizard is the tool for you.

Curious if MassMailWizard is right for you? The answer is probably yes. Check out these scenarios below for just some examples of how MassMailWizard can be helpful for you.

The Top-of-the-Class

You got stellar grades your first year, and you feel pretty good going into On Campus Interviews. How can MassMailWizard help you?

We can help you easily apply to tons of law firms before you even walk into your first on campus interview. You can use these interviews as a practice run, or to have an offer in your pocket as you go in. This is also a great way to find firms that may not be coming to your campus for interviews.

The Median Student

Did you get good, not great grades your first year of law school? Don't worry, it's still possible for you to get a great job! You just have to cast a wide net.

MassMailWizard helps you do just that. You can spread your resume to our entire database in minutes, and then spend your time looking at other firms that we may not have listed. The speed of MassMailWizard helps you get back to networking and studying more quickly.

The Late Applier

Did you miss on-campus interviews? have your plans changed?

Never fear -- many firms fill their summer classes through an application process, or supplement their OCI recruits with students who apply for jobs.

Here, MassMailWizard is a great way to quickly canvass a new city that you want to apply to.

The Upgrader

Congrats on your job your 2L summer! You may have an offer in hand to go back, but you're not sure you want to. No fear: MassMailWizard is here!

If you're looking to upgrade to a different firm after your first summer, MassMailWizard is the quickest way to send your resume to firms you may be interested in. Quickly find a new home for your job post-graduation.