Our Pricing

For a small investment, you get full, lifetime access to our system...and possibly the job of your dreams.

The Bottom Line

MassMailWizard is a one-time fee for unlimited usage forever. End of story. Consider it an investment in your future.

Why pay to apply to law firm jobs?

Law school is more and more expensive all the time. We can understand asking "Why should I pay to apply?"

And that's a great question. The point of getting a job is to pay off your debt, not add to them.

However, MassMailWizard is priced reasonably. We know a job search can be long, and your goals can change, so we charge you a single flat price. Pay once, use our system to apply to as many firms as you'd like.

We also stock our database with high paying firms. The average biglaw summer associate position pays up to $3750 per week. With a weekly salary like that, you'll make back the money you paid for MassMailWizard in your first hour or two on the job.

MassMailWizard Pro

$50 forever

  • Full access to our entire firm database.
  • Send unlimited mailings to as many firms as you'd like.
  • Unlimited access to our mass mail system.
  • Lifelong access.
  • Priority email support.
Upgrade now.

MassMailWizard will pay for itself.

We only stock our database with law firms that pay their summer associates. That means MassMailWizard pays for itself once you get the job.

Let's say that MassMailWizard gets you a job at a big, New York law firm. These firms normally pay around $3750 a week during a summer associate position.

That means if you work 8 hours a day, five days a week (like most summer associates do), you're making about $90 an hour. That means MassMailWizard would pay for itself in your first 20 minutes on the job.

Put another way, you'd be paying $50 to make $37,500 over the summer. That's a return of 124,900%.

This doesn't even include the fact that most of these jobs lead to a full-time offer after the summer. MassMailWizard is a small investment that can pay huge dividends.

What about midsize or small firms? Even if you're only making $20 an hour at your firm (which is well on the bottom end of firms in our system), you'll make back your investment on your first day. Before you finish orientation, you'll have made back what you paid for our service.

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