Terms & Conditions

Welcome to MassMailWizard!

We recommend that all users read this before creating an account. It outlines what we guarantee, and more importantly, what we don't.

We've built a service that helps you apply for legal jobs. We think it's great, and that it can actually help you find the job of your dreams. If we didn't believe this, we wouldn't have made it nor would we be selling it to you.

However, the legal job hunt is a complex problem. Simply applying for jobs will not get you the job. Therefore, we offer no guarantee that by using MassMailWizard, you will get a job. Have we tested this system? Yes! The person writing this right now got his job through mass mailing. It works. But it might not work immediately, and it might not work at all depending on your independent factors.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that MassMailWizard will get you a specific job, nor a job at all. It is simply a tool to help you apply for jobs.

We try to keep our firm database as up to date as possible. Sometimes, however, people leave firms and their emails are deleted. We work hard with partners to anticipate this and change what happens. However, it is possible that at some point some email will go out to an invalid recipient. We will do our best to notify you if this happens, and to update the information in our database as soon as possible.

MassMailWizard also gives you a lifetime membership once you pay for an upgrade. What this means is that once you upgrade, MassMailWizard will be available to you for the life of this site. We will not ask for more money for the same service. If we create some new kind of service (e.g. a resume review service), you may have to pay an additional fee for that. However, any changes to the mass mailing system will be included. We do not anticipate changing our site to charge for additional services. However, please note that if we choose to, there may be parts of the site unavailable to you.

The "lifetime membership" also extends to the life of MassMailWizard, not to your life. As we've seen so tragically with MySpace, sites change over time. There may come a time where MassMailWizard is no longer run. Therefore, we reserve the right to shut down MassMailWizard in the future. Hopefully, we don't need to do that.

Can we guarantee anything? Probably not. However, we've built an awesome piece of software that can greatly help you reduce the amount of time you spend applying for jobs. We hope it brings you wild success.